Envelope Addressing…what is right? What is proper? What is standard? These are some of the most common questions and common issues that brides have! When it comes to addressing envelopes, there are so many ways to do this! 10 years ago, there was one method of traditional envelope addressing and that was the end of the story..but not today! Do you use Ms. or Miss? What about same gender couples? How do I address two couple that live together but are not married? What if the married woman did not take her husband’s last name or does not want to be “rolled” with her husband like: Mr. and Mrs. Tom Ford. How do you handle all of this without offending someone?

Let’s just dive right in! This blog will discuss the modern traditional style of envelope addressing. This is a mix of..you guessed it! Modern and traditional!

Here are some scenarios and how to address them:

Married Couple

Mr. & Mrs. Jim Smith

Unmarried Couple Living Together

{you would put the names in alphabetical order by last name}

      Mr. John Asher & Ms. Susan Smith

Same Gender Couple Not Legally Married

This gets a bit tricky…the EASIEST answer is to ask the couple how they would like their envelope addressed. This avoids any potential hurt feelings. However, the typical answer that I get from same gender couples is to address is as follows {again…alphabetical by last name} :

Lisa Parmer & Susan Smith

Most of the envelope addressing situations will follow the above three examples. The best part about this style of addressing is, you are free to really do whatever you want to do! Keeping the Mr. and Mrs. allows for a more traditional style, while adding to married woman’s name in with her husbands keeps it more modern.

These beauties were designed to not only combine the modern traditional style in the addressing, but also in the calligraphy style as well! This free-form style calligraphy, while it is a gorgeous demonstration of the amazing wedding that will transpire, shows a more modern style and allows the guest to get a sense of the wedding style even before the invitation is opened

My favorite thing and sometimes my least favorite thing about wedding planning is that weddings can be whatever the bride wants it to be! Nothing is off  limits! However, this can become very stressful to a bride who does not know the best way to handle something and the answer she is given by her planner or designer is, “just do whatever you want”. Yes, that is a correct answer, however, as the wedding planner and designer, not only do I let me brides know that , this is their day and they can do whatever they want, however, if they choose to follow a more traditional route, this would be the best way to handle something. Allowing brides freedom to choose is so important however,  giving them guidance as to not overwhelm them with unlimited options is always a best follow up!

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