What is Letterpress?

Letterpress is the very first form of printing invented by ‘ole Gutenberg himself. With the modernization of printing, the old fashioned printing press was put in the basement and forgotten about. Letterpress has made a recent comback as a classic and elegant way of communicating to guests, clients and friends all around the world. A form of relief printing, the antique press uses a carved block of wood or photopolymer to make an impression on a piece of paper using force from the press. It is this impression that elevates letterpress stationery above digital printing and other forms of printing. Letterpress printing for wedding invitations, business cards, note cards and personalized stationery is the most elegant way that you can communicate to your guests, clients and friends.

Where do I start?


Unlike digital printing, the tiniest change can alter the price significantly. The best place to start is with your budget. What are you looking to spend? Keep in mind that the more quantity of the same design you order, the less your per piece cost will be. The ideal order, costwise, for any type of invitation starts at 100+ however, items can be printed in any quantity!


PRINT. offers many different predesigned invitations and stationery! Pricing is located under each item. Don’t see what you are looking for? Want a quantity that isn’t there? PRINT. works with local designers to create a perfect design for your needs! Click Here to contact us and get a custom design quote to you!


From paper color, paper thickness, ink color and more. PRINT. offers endless ways to customize your stationery. Click here to learn about all of the options