I have to be honest, I am a bit biased about the newest trend in altars….rugs! Yes, you heard me right! Grab that rug that have been gathering dust, and put in down right in front of that breathtaking mountain view, or that gorgeous willow tree and you will have created the perfect altar! Now, that being said, I understand that this style is not for everyone. There are SO many ways to create an altar where it seems that there is not place for one. Here are my top 10 favorite least expected altars!

Southern Weddings Blog

This couple made the most breathtaking altar just by laying down a rug and incorporating a vintage mantel! Who would have know you could make a field of grass so picturesque!

When you have a view THIS amazing…nothing else is needed!

Ruffled Blog

Find a blank space and soften it up with florals and rugs!

Grey Likes Weddings Blog

Rugs are not the only way to create the perfect altar! These DIY flower boxes with potted plants brings this area from drab to fab!

Green Wedding Shoes

SWOON! This chandelier is all that is needed to perfect this space. No more words needed.

Grey Likes Weddings

A wine barrel and florals in front of French doors. Simply Stunning.

Westlund Photography

This simple crocheted rug altar softens this space just perfectly to create a romantic atmosphere for this sacred event.

Green Wedding Shoes Blog

This pop of color under the tree allowed for such an intimate environment for this ceremony!

Just find a tree and call it a day! no accessories needed!

Grey Likes Weddings

And for the grand finale. When you have view like this, everything else just compliments. This rug and these florals are the perfect finishing touch for this amazing mountain view location!