Luxury Stationery Design & Letterpress Printing  

Owner/ Lead Printer: Crystal Netherland

You will find me either playing with my sweet little 10 month old man or printing and designing beautiful invitations!

I am a east coast transplant just trying to figure out this whole west coast way of life while helping brides make their invitations fabulous one glass of wine at a time!

My Life:  I cling to my faith and that allows for me to love life and live life to the fullest potential! I believe that there is always a reason to throw glitter or confetti! I love living life with the ones I love! coming from a family of 6 kids, family dinners were the best of times and the worst of time. today, I honor the tradition of Sunday family dinners in my house. no matter what I am doing, as long as the people that I love are around me, I am at peace and having a wonderful time. I love conquering fears. If it scares me, I give it a try. You don’t grow, if you don’t try to conquer your fears!

Professional Qualifications:  An associate’s degree in Business administration and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. I was an assistant wedding planner for several years, bridal blogger and wedding invitation designer and calligrapher, I jumped into the wedding planning industry head first and have not looked back!

Photo Credit: Westlund Photography